1.               A booking agreement (‘the hire’) will only be made on these terms.

2.               The hire is made between Wey & Arun Enterprises Ltd (“WAEL”) and you the Hirer, that is the person or organisation making the hire or organising a group of people (“the group”) to experience the hire.


3.               The hire fee or trip payment is the sum indicated on our website, in our brochure or as quoted from our bookings administration department.

Charter trip:

4.               The booking agreement is made when confirmed with you by WAEL by email or letter with a booking reference, and these conditions of hire then apply.  The hire fee must be paid not less than 14 days prior to the commencement of the hire period. Failure to pay the hire fee on time will result in the hire being cancelled.

5.               Cancellation charges. In case of cancellation by the Hirer less than 7 days before commencement of the hire period, the full hire fee will be forfeit and no repayment of the hire fee will be made.

Public trip:

6. The booking agreement is made on receipt of your trip payment, and these conditions of hire then apply.  

7. Cancellation charges. In case of cancellation less than 3 days before commencement of the hire period, the full trip payment will be forfeit and no repayment of the hire fee will be made.

WAEL’s Responsibilities:

8.               WAEL will provide a skipper and crew who at all times will be responsible for the safety and use of the boat.

9.               The skipper is in charge and is entitled to terminate the hire at any time if in the skipper’s sole opinion circumstances so dictate.

10.              The hire period will commence at the time specified or as agreed with the Hirer from the wharf by the Onslow Arms Public House, Loxwood (Post code RH14 0RD). WAEL will provide an approximate finishing time.

11.              WAEL will use its best endeavours to enable the booked boat to follow the route which may be indicated to the Hirer, whether before or after the booking agreement is made, but no responsibility can be taken for a failure to do so, whether as the result of breakdowns, stoppages, water shortage, illness, weather or whatever cause, and no responsibility can be taken for a failure to honour the booking agreement at all for reasons beyond WAEL’s control. In the event that the hire agreement has to be cancelled by WAEL the hire fee or trip payment (as appropriate) will be refunded or transferred to another trip at the Hirer’s option but WAEL will not be liable for any other losses or expenses incurred by the Hirer.

12. WAEL will not be liable for any loss or injury suffered by any passenger while boarding, on board or leaving the boat save if it is caused by negligence on the part of WAEL, its servants or agents.

Your – The Hirer’s – Responsibilities:

13.            You must ensure that you and your group arrive in sufficient time to have completed boarding the boat by the time of departure which is specified or has been agreed. If you or your group do not arrive in sufficient time, the boat is likely to depart without you in which case your hire will be cancelled, your hire fee will be forfeit and no repayment of the hire fee will be made.

14. You are responsible for your group and must maintain good order and reasonable discipline among the group throughout the hire period.   You will be responsible for the behaviour, actions and defaults of the whole group.

15.            The total number in your group must not exceed the number of persons specified in the booking agreement at any time.

16.            You and all members of your group must at all times obey any lawful instructions which may be given by the skipper or crew in connection with any matter concerned with the navigation and use of the boat.

17.            You must keep the boat and its contents in good repair and condition, and must keep and leave it in a neat, tidy and clean condition and remove all your and your group’s belongings and all rubbish at the end of the hire period.

18.            You must pay for all repairs to or replacement of glass, crockery and other articles or fittings or other parts of the boat broken or damaged by your or your group and all cleaning costs and bills necessary to put the boat and its contents into the same condition as when the hire period started, reasonable wear and tear excepted.

19.            No dogs or other animals may be brought onto the boat by you or your group except dogs by prior arrangement.

20.            No smoking or vaping is allowed at any time on board the boat.

21.             You may wish to arrange your own insurance cover for yourself or your group for the hire period to cover the risk of personal injury or loss or damage to personal belongings and any consequential loss. You may also wish to insure against cancellation.

22.             If you or any of your group have mobility issues, you must notify WAEL before your trip of the nature of such issues.  

23. Parking: You and your group must park any vehicles in the overspill car park beyond the canal centre and not in the Onslow Arms Public House car park. Such parking is at the owner’s risk. Advance notification is required if a coach is to be used.


23. WAEL must be advised at least 14 days prior to the hire period if you have arranged for catering to be arranged by others. Crockery, glasses, cutlery and serving equipment are not provided. All items brought on board and rubbish must be removed at the end of the trip. If booking on a special trip on which WAEL provides food you must notify us of any food allergies or intolerances you or anyone in your group may have.

Privacy and personal data

24.            For information about how we use your personal data, see our privacy policy here or on our website. 





ARRIVAL AND ACCESS: You should arrive at least 15 minutes before the trip to allow time to park, check in at the Canal Centre and board the boat. If you arrive late, the boat may depart without you. For those with restricted mobility, you should discuss your requirements in advance of the trip.

TOILETS: There is a toilet on board Wiggonholt, Zachariah Keppel and at the Canal Centre. There is no toilet on Josias Jessop.

Life jackets and buoyancy aids are not provided.

Please note that we do not provide any crockery, glasses, cutlery or serving equipment for use with customers’ own food and drink.





PASSENGER NUMBERS: On Wiggonholt 45 is the maximum recommended and 40 when there is catering to allow sufficient room and table space. Each table seats 4.

On Zachariah Keppel the maximum seated at tables is 20. Each table seats 2.

On Josias Jessop the maximum passenger number is 9. A picnic table can be provided in the centre of the boat if required.


CATERING: If you have ordered a cream tea, sandwiches, ploughmans, etc. from the Onslow Arms for consumption on your trip, please arrange for someone within your party to organise the distribution of the food. The Onslow Arms will deliver the food to the boat but unfortunately we do not have sufficient volunteers to stay on board to serve the food or clear away crockery etc afterwards. Please ensure that when ordering food with the Onslow Arms you request plates, knives, serviettes, etc.

WAEL will provide tea and coffee onboard but if this is not required, please let us know 14 days beforehand as this impacts on staff and volunteer rostering.


ACCESS: Access to the boat is usually available up to half an hour before and after the scheduled cruise times. Please inform your passengers that they should arrive at least fifteen minutes before your departure time and all passengers are to be on board five minutes before departure. Note: for those with restricted mobility, you should discuss your requirements in advance of the trip.


CHAIRS AND TABLES: Chairs and tables may be arranged to suit your needs. Please discuss other options for charter trips.


DECORATION: The boat may be decorated using the hooks provided but decorations must be removed at the end of the trip and within the half hour. Please do not use Sellotape or Bluetack or similar.


DOGS: A limited number of well-behaved dogs are allowed on private charters


MUSIC: You may bring your own battery powered portable music player for use during the cruise, although we can provide a CD player on request.


POWER SUPPLY: No 240v supply is available but a 12V power supply is available on board Wiggonholt and Zachariah Keppel (not Josias Jessop)


August 2022