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Late Summer & Early Autumn Wildlife

The canal corridor through the beautiful Sussex and Surrey countryside provides a natural link between a rich variety of habitats. This supports a wide range of wildlife which has improved as restoration of the canal has progressed. The Trust's Nature, Ecology & Conservation guide is available at Loxwood Canal Centre.

Late Summer & Early ​Autumn wildlife 

Dragonflies can still be seen along the canal & towpath during late summer and early autumn. Look out for Common Darters, females are yellow and males are red, although more mature ones are sometimes brown. The larger Southern, Migrant & Brown Hawker dragonflies patrol the canal & towpath, hunting for small insects.  A few late brood butterflies can still be seen, including Red Admirals, Commas, Painted Ladies, Speckled Woods, Small Tortoiseshells, Small Coppers and Common Blues.

Berries and insects are plentiful, providing food for the birds. As well as the more common birds, summer migrants are preparing to leave, whilst some of the autumn migrants are beginning to arrive. Look out for Grey Wagtails feeding on insects at Lock walls and sills. You also may see Pied Wagtails feeding on the towpaths.

You may see a flash of blue & orange as a Kingfisher flies past just above the water. A Grey Heron may be seen on the canal bank, looking in the water for prey. Look in the sky for birds of prey, including Kestrels, Buzzards and if you are lucky, Red Kites.

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