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Southern Water team lends support

A team of volunteers from Southern Water gave the Trust a helping hand earlier this month.

A band of seven employees headed to Tickner’s Heath on the Surrey/Sussex border, where they spent the day planting new hedges and mulching. The team managed to plant 720 small trees, a mix of hawthorne, hazel, wild cherry and dog rose, clocking up 120 metres of hedging.

Swapping the office for the scenic countryside is part of the company’s community volunteering programme, which allows employees to spend two days paid leave working individually or in a team for their chosen charity or community project each year. 

Commercial contracts manager Barnaby Holliker said fun was had by all. “The team work shone out on this task and we stormed through the hedge planting and mulching.”

Gill Davies
Wednesday, April 17, 2019
  • The Southern Water volunteers swapped office for the Surrey countryside.
  • The team all declared the day a success.
  • Some 720 small trees were planted and mulched by the volunteers.