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Commemorating JB Dashwood's historic journey from the Thames to the Solent

Thames Lock on the River Wey, to Gun’s Mouth Junction with the Wey & Arun Canal, Shalford, near Guildford.



9.30am Boats to arrive at Thames Lock, River Wey near Chertsey in Surrey.  For canoes etc., launching is via the public slipway in Walton Lane (see maps to right).

No car parking at Thames Lock; there is limited public car parking near the slipway or in Weybridge. There are railway stations at Addlestone & Weybridge (each 1.5 miles on foot to Thames Lock).

Refreshments at Thames Lock for all boaters*, canoeists, kayakers, paddleboarders, walkers and cyclists. Please register online so that we know the likely number of participants (however you intend to travel).

*If not a member of British Canoeing, a Wey licence is required. Day or annual non-power licences available at Thames Lock. Please download, print and fill in the application form (no need to fill in craft dimensions – just say private portable craft)​ and bring it with you to the Lock.

10-10.30am Thames Lock will be operated by the lock-keeper; we need to be notified if you willl need use of the lock - please request this in your online registration.

11-1pm Coxes Mill near Addlestone, Surrey (1.5 miles from Thames Lock). Refreshments available. We hope to be able to organise a shuttle service for those who want to return to their cars - please indicate if needed on Online Registration form.

The journey proceeds along the River Wey through Send and Bowers Lock before reaching Stoke Mill and the centre of Guildford. There are a number of pubs along the route in Guildford and plenty of public car parking available as well as railway connection.

Afternoon – Shalford Mill (NT) will be open for walkers from 1pm-4pm (Entrance fee except for NT Members). Please note in your online registration if you plan to visit the Mill, so we can make arrangements for the visit.

The finishing line is at Gun’s Mouth, Shalford, on the Wey & Arun Canal and the start of the new connection. There will be the official opening ceremony of the new canoe landing stages at Gun’s Mouth kindly sponsored by British Canoeing.

From 4pm onwards you are welcome to relax in the garden of the Wey & Arun’s chairman, almost opposite Gun’s Mouth, and enjoy a glass (or two) of Pimms. Public car parking is available in the A281 layby next to Trunley Heath Road. It is a short walk to the towpath and there will be signs up with directions and road marshals. Please register online (see above) to allow for catering.

Dashwood on locks...

“The lock-keeper at Weybridge we found most civil and obliging, and he readily lent us the magic wand which passed us from one end of this part of the canal to the other. Although possessed of this formidable weapon, let me counsel those who are not adepts at its use to beware how they trifle with it, lest perchance they either inflict woeful wounds on their hands, or worse than all, fall headlong into the lock. The hatches of many of these locks are placed, goodness knows why, in the very centre of the gates, and in order to open and shut them, it is necessary to sit astride the gates, place the point of the crowbar in the niches of the hatch, and by violent jerks raise it inch by inch until the flood gates are opened. These hatches are always very stiff and difficult to raise and lower, and as it is necessary to get a good leverage, the crowbar must be worked from the extreme end of the handle, and if, whilst the wrench is made, the point should slip out of the niche into which it is placed, away goes the unfortunate being into the water.” J.B.Dashwood 1868