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Annual Poddle walk - Sunday June 2nd 2019

The Wey & Arun Canal Trust, which is working hard to restore 23 miles of navigable waterway linking the River Arun at Pallingham to the River Wey at Shalford, organises a sponsored walk each year. This is the Trust’s most important fundraising event and makes a vital contribution to pushing the restoration effort forward. 

The walk will start at Bramley Village Hall, with lunch at Farley Green Church Hall. The route is planned to take in the new section at Birtley, along with Rooks Hill Farm, Albury and Blackheath. It is a great fundraiser for the Trust, as well as being good fun, so keep the date free and let friends and family know.

Who can do it? Almost anyone, with the exception of the very young, infirm and pushchairs as the walk covers stiles and some hills. Dogs are welcome especially if sponsored!

What do I need to do?

1. Register for the walk (adding your own donation if you wish to). We will send you a confirmation email (bring this with you to the Poddle) and an email for you to forward to friends & family inviting them to sponsor you.

2. Complete the sponsorship form (see link on the right) or forward the personalised email to friends and family, and raise as much money as you can, or make a donation on the day – minimum £25 please (lunch is provided)

3. Turn up and walk

Where, when, how? 

The Poddle starts from the Village Hall at Bramley, 4 miles south of Guildford on the A281, with lunch at Farley Green Church Hall, then back to Bramley. For those who would prefer a shorter walk, you may either stop in Farley Green or you may start there. We will make sure you get back to your car whether it is at Bramley or Farley Green. Morning and afternoon refreshment stops will be provided. A map showing the start and half-way points will follow.

Parking willl be available at St Catherine's School, Bramley (GU5 0DF), a short walk from the Village Hall.

Arrive between 9am and 10:30 to check in, receive your Route Guide and start walking the whole route or only the morning route.

The Route

The morning walk takes you down the Downs Link to the newly acquired canal and to the footpath that takes you to Shamley Green. From Shamley Green we go through very varied countryside to Farley Green. (6 miles). 

The afternoon walk takes you from Farley Green up to Albury Heath, where there is a carved wooden totem pole on the side of the cricket pitch, across Blackheath and past the War Memorial. We then go along the Downs Link past Tangley Manor, following footpaths to the Josias Jessop bridge when we follow the bed of the canal. We then walk along there until we return to Bramley for a well earned cup of tea and cake. (6 miles)

Maps to the start and mid points of the route will be found below.

Walking as a member of a 'Team'

Did you know we offer 50/50 sponsorship? If you enter as a ‘Team’ and raise more than £200 sponsorship (minimum £20 each) we are happy to split funds equally with another charity or organisation of your choosing. If you or your organisation wish to take part as a team please register and complete individual sponsor forms as usual but please also complete a ‘group’ form (download here, or contact the organiser).



Poddle Sponsorship form