About us

In 1970 a few enthusiastic individuals formed the Wey & Arun Canal Society. More supporters were quickly gained, and in 1973 the Society was re-formed as a charitable Trust Company, the Wey & Arun Canal Trust Limited. (Registered Charity No. CC265331)

The aim of the Trust is to achieve the restoration, as a public amenity, of the navigable link between the Rivers Wey and Arun, and so recreate the direct water link between London and the South Coast. The Trust has reached agreement with landowners that restoration work could take place on over half the 23-mile total length. Already, twenty one bridges have been reconstructed, two aqueducts reconstructed, eleven locks restored, culverts rebuilt and several miles of canal bed cleared and dredged. Work has been carried out in the Bramley, Run Common, Loxwood. Billingshurst and Pulborough areas.

The Trust has an agreed Conservation Policy. Its aims are to identify, restore and maintain essential features of the natural and manmade landscape affecting the waterway and to maintain and enhance the diversity of habitats of nature conservation value.

The Trust is an almost entirely voluntary organisation, relying on the support of its members and friends, as well as the generosity of local businesses and the goodwill of local councils. The Trust is fortunate to have the services of volunteer professional engineers to design and supervise its restoration work. The work is carried out by the Trust's own work force, volunteers who meet every weekend, with the help of visiting voluntary groups on both long weekends and two-week summer camps.