The 1km canalside walk at Birtley, near Bramley, has been opened to the public after volunteers put the finishing touches to a temporary bridge deck on Birtley Bridge 1, allowing the public safe access to the new circular route.

The stretch of canal was purchased thanks to a generosity of an overseas Trust member and work began back in 2018, with regular volunteers and visiting working parties putting in phenomenal effort to complete the abutments in just 12 months.

The temporary deck will be replaced in due course; the Trust is working with the council to get a design approved in principle for lifting bridges, which will be used for Birtley Bridge 1 and a second Birtley bridge for which planning permission has been granted.

Until then the public can access the permissive path in this particularly picturesque area, with the walk leading visitors to the Downs Link. A bench built by volunteers also provides a handy spot to sit and relax.  


The Birtley section in water. Photo by Julian Nowell.

Volunteers completed the temporary bridge to allow access to the circular walk. Photo by Julian Nowell.

The bridge is a stop-gap until a design for lift bridges has been approved. Photo by Julian Nowell.

Part of working parties' work involved fencing and installing this gate. Photo by Julian Nowell.

Visitors can sit and admire the view. Photo by Julian Nowell.

How to find the canalside walk.