We have placed Information Posts at various locations where we have carried out restoration work. In addition to the short description on the Information Post, more information can be found on this web-site.   If you are walking along the canal, this information can be accessed using the QR code on the Information Post.   

All the current Information Post locations are listed here and we aim to keep adding to the locations covered.  Links to each of the location pages are also included.   We hope to add new locations in the coming months, so come back soon and check for updates! 

If you have suggestions for additional information that can be included or spot any corrections that need to be made,  please email: gordon_powell@weyandarun.co.uk 

Info Post locations  (North to South)

Birtley Bridges 

Gennets Wood Lock 

Devil’s Hole Lock

Brewhurst Lock

Baldwin’s Knob Lock

Drungewick Slipway  (No QR Code)

Drungewick Aqueduct  (No QR Code)

Drungewick Lane Bridge

Drungewick Lock

Loves Bridge

Rowner Lock and Bridge

Northlands Lift Bridge

Lordings Lock, Aqueduct and Water-wheel   (No QR Code)

Lordings Flood Lock and Bridge 

Lee Place (Harsfold) Bridge

Haybarn Swing Bridge