The canal route across Loxwood High Street had been blocked since the late 1890s and involved a complex and costly project lasting five years to get it to the flagship site it is today, where it houses the Canal Centre and is home to our three trip boats: Zachariah Keppel; Josias Jessop; and Wiggonholt.

The plan involved: building a new lock to the west of the High Street; lowering the section of the canal next to the Onslow Arms (east of the High Street); reconstructing Brewhurst Lock to fit with the new canal level; and building a new bridge under the road.

The work was divided into three phases: In the first phase, in 2005, Trust volunteers built a new lock next to the road. In 2006, the section of canal next to the Onslow Arms pub was lowered to provide enough headroom for the new bridge, without altering the level of the road. The third phase finished the jigsaw by connecting the new lock to the lowered section of canal.
Some £2m was spent, achieved through members’ generosity and donations from Charitable Trusts.

The Loxwood High Street Canal Bridge officially opened in May 2009, with a further project to improve the appearance of the Loxwood High Street Canal Bridge completed later.