On Sunday 13th August, I visited several of the canal sites in Surrey.

Construction work at Compasses Bridge has only recently been completed, so it was good to see several species of wildlife here. There were Common Darter (see photo), Southern Hawker & Brown Hawker dragonflies, Common Blue damselflies, Red Admiral & Small White butterflies.

At Tickners Heath, I saw a Common Blue (see photo) and several Speckled Wood butterflies. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Kingfisher and Grey Heron, unfortunately they flew away before I was able to take a photo.

At Gosden Aqueduct I saw a Male Beautiful Demoiselle damselfly (see photo).

At Hunt Nature Park, on Cranleigh Waters there was a Mute Swan. There were Banded Demoiselle damselflies on the water lilies. Several Speckled Wood butterflies were seen. On a visit to the Park two weeks earlier, there was a Mallard and six ducklings. Unfortunately I did not see them this time. I also saw a Common Frog.

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