On Tuesday 6th February 2018, I visited the canal at Loxwood, hoping to take some wildlife photos in the winter sunshine. I was not disappointed. As I looked across the canal, two Kestrels landed in a tree. They then mated. Hopefully they will breed successfully and rear some young ones this year. (see photo).

A little while later a Kingfisher landed in a bush opposite Loxwood Canal Centre. The Kingfisher has been regularly seen here during the autumn and winter months. I was lucky enough to take several photos as it flew down to Brewhurst Lock, stopping several times on the opposite side of the canal. (see photo).

Between Brewhurst Lock and Brewhurst Bridge, I saw a flock of Redwings feeding on berries in a nearby tree. (see photo).

In the car park, a Fieldfare was feeding in the apple tree.

It has been a good start to the year with wildlife along the canal. A Green Woodpecker has occasionally been seen at Loxwood. On the 18th January, I managed to take a successful photo.

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