If you drive out of Loxwood down to the A272 you might have seen some Wey & Arun Canal banners by a new entranceway into a field.  So what is going on ?

As part of the purchase agreement in 2021 of 820m of canal at Northlands Farm, there being no other access, it was agreed that we would need to provide an access track to the canal across fields and a wooded area owned by the landowner from a new farm entrance on the main carriageway. Two years after the purchase agreement, the landowner received planning permission and commissioned the new entrance at a safer location than the existing entrance, which had limited visibility of traffic coming south down the B2133. It is from this point that the track to the canal starts and is 220m in length. Also as part of the agreement we agreed to provide an access route from the canal track to the landowners house.