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Newspaper recycling scheme comes to an end on March 27th

The newspaper recycling scheme at Loxwood will draw to a close this month after many decades of success.

Historically, the Trust has raised good money from the scheme and operated several recycling points at one time. In Wey-South Bulletin issue no.10 in 1974, Chris Dragonetti wrote:

“Every newspaper is worth just under one new farthing - if such a thing exists. Multiply this by the number of members who have anewspaper every day and the Trust could have а weekly income of nearly £17.”

Member Ken Bacon also recalls that in 1974 he and a few other members used to do an extensive monthly paper collection round in Horsham in a Transit van to collect paper.

When paper recycling was not so widespread suppliers would take the bins away and pay the Trust for the paper; West Sussex County Council would also pay a recycling credit on top. However, several years ago those suppliers went out of business and now the council credit is coming to an end, which means it is no longer financially viable for us to continue.

The bins will remain in place until March 27th, but please email before bringing stockpiled paper. Please too do not leave paper after the bins have gone as we will have no way of disposing of it.

Thank you to all who have supported the scheme over the years and not only helped the environment but raised funds for the Trust at the same time.

Gill Davies
Wednesday, February 24, 2021
  • Private collections of paper are no longer needed thanks to council collections at home.
  • The paper banks at the Onslow Arms overflow car park in Loxwood will be removed by the end of March.