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Take a herb walk along the Wey & Arun Canal (July - September)

Want to know more about the native plants that grow along the canal and their uses in food and medicine? Join medical herbalist Kate Scott (aka The Drovers Daughter) for a walk along the Wey & Arun Canal on Friday July 30th, looking at edible and medicinal plants, followed by a practical workshop onboard one of our narrowboats. 

Kate will be demonstrating how to use seasonal native plants and how to make your own herbal medicines for a first aid kit in what's set to be a fascinating event. As well as the guided walk, you'll get a chance to make some simple herbal remedies while onboard one of the Trust's large and airy boats in a practical medicine-making workshop, along with a handout to take home.

The event will run from 10am-2pm, with refreshments included. To book your place, go to: The event is set to be held monthly, with future dates on 20th August and September 24th.

Kate says the canal towpath provides the ideal location to find useful native British plants. "The towpath is easily accessible and offers a particularly diverse range of plants, both in hedgerows and on ground level. There is a really good mix of plants in a concentrated area."

As well as using foraged plants in medicine, Kate blends them with milk produced from her own flock of sheep to create handmade soaps, creams and candles.




Gill Davies
Tuesday, June 22, 2021
  • Join medical herbalist Kate on a herb walk along the canal.
  • Kate will show you how to make your own medicines from foraged plants, onboard one of the Trust's canal boats.