Walk along the bridleway towpath for 1⁄2 mile to reach Devil’s Hole Lock (A) which was reopened by the Trust in 2010. Continue walking alongside the canal to reach Southland Lock (B) which was completely rebuilt by the Trust between 2011 and 2013. Walk for approximately 1⁄2 mile to reach the site of Gennets Bridge Lock (C).

Walk ahead alongside the canal for just over 1 mile, passing the sites of 4 other locks before you reach Rosemary Lane (D).

Turn right down the lane and continue for just under 1⁄2 mile to see a bridle path crossing the lane (at a driveway on the right to a house called Froggats) (E). Turn right to walk down the path, through a gateway and out on to a track with nice views.

Follow this track to reach Oakhurst Cottage after 1⁄2 mile. Stay ahead maintaining your direction on to the path, the cottage on your right, soon to reach a “crossroads” with the Sussex Border Path (F).

Continue ahead on the bridle path and follow it for just under a mile through woodland and then open land with fields left and right. Stay on the track as it swings left, the buildings of Loxwood Farm Place ahead of you, to bring you into Loxwood village by the Village Shop/Post Office (G).

From the shop turn right, crossing to the other side of the road to continue on down the pavement, soon to reach the Onslow Arms public house and the Canal Centre.

Printable map & route: 
Gennets Bridge Lock and Rosemary Lane.