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Make it a date - 10th May 2020

This a fun event for people with small boats, paddleboards or canoes. After launching in Pulborough at the slipway,  the vessels will be helped upstream, through attractive countryside, by the rising tide. The aim is to reach the point where the canal joined the River Arun and to continue to the site of the highest navigable point for barges at Pallingham Quay. From there a short stroll leads to an ancient bridge over the canal and the site of a lock a dry dock. Heading back downstream will initially require a little more effort until the point where the tide turns and the flow helps the return passage to the start where there will still be an ample depth of water to recover the assorted craft. Lighter boats up to 13/14 feet can be launched and everyone mucks in to help launching and recovery. Canoes can be launched at Pulborough or Stopham Bridge.

The Rally has a more serious side because it will demonstrate the continued right of navigation on the River Arun. The cruises were originally started, several decades ago, by the Inland Waterways Association but are now organised by the WACT. Full details and a booking form are available on the website. Come and enjoy this interesting event.  For information, it is often easier to launch while the tide is rising, and this indicates a launch at 1445 at Pulborough, 1530 at Stopham.


Last year’s event was a great success, attracting more than 30 small boats, canoes, kayaks and paddleboards for the three-and-a-half hour trip from Pulborough and Stopham to the tidal limit at Pallingham in West Sussex. The route reaches the furthest navigable point for boats, and it is free to take part.



Register here for the Boat Rally

Launching time for boats that need the slipway

at Pulborough is planned between 14:30 - 15:00

Boats can be launched from the Pulborough slipway with a view to getting upstream to Pallingham Quay. Canoes can travel from Stopham Bridge in which case they would be best launching at 15:30 onwards if you wish to go right to the end of the permitted navigation. Expect a trip time of 4-5 hours.

Maps showing launch locations are available here for Stopham Bridge and Pulborough

There is no fee to participate, but donations towards costs on the day would be welcome. Please register for the event at

The aim is to reach the point where the Wey and Arun reached the junction with the river Arun and then on to Pallingham Quay, the highest navigable point for boats on the Arun. In most years it’s possible to reach this point and then travel upstream to Pallingham Quay but that depends on both the tide and the flow of the river. At Pallingham Quay, people often walk over to the canal to view the canal bridge and the line of the watercourse. If time and water levels permit, participants also stop for a drink at the White Hart, Stopham Bridge.


The slipway is located on the A29 about 100 metres south of the two small roundabouts in Pulborough. Travelling south it is on the left hand side of the road, adjacent to a café (please keep this area clear for their customers). The café is likely to be open when people arrive they obviously have toilets but, quite reasonably, expect people to buy a drink if they use the facilities. Trailers can be left adjacent to the slipway and cars may be parked either on the other side of the river or in the pay-and-display car park adjacent to Pulborough station. The slipway is very steep but boats up to around 14 feet long can be launched as everyone mucks in to help. The channel is quite variable in width so some of us will take bow saws and tree loppers. It is recommended that people wear wellingtons for launching and to land at Pallingham. If there hasn’t been much rain during the preceding couple of weeks then the few hundred metres before Pallingham can be a challenge!

Take your litter home Respect the countryside

For any further information, please email

May 10th, 2020 1:00 PM through  4:00 PM
adj to The Corn Store
London Road
Pulborough RH20 2BJ
United Kingdom
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Mobile: 01483 505566